Importance of the Chin in Lower Facial Contour: Narrowing Genioplasty to Achieve a Feminine and Slim Lower Face

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A prominent mandible and squared contour are typical facial features considered unattractive in Korea and in other Asian countries; thus, mandible reduction is widely practiced. While reviewing the unsatisfactory surgical cases of mandible reduction, the authors discovered that failure was largely because the patients’ chins were left intact. The authors have reached the conclusion that paying attention to the shape of the chin is crucial and therefore correction in the procedure of lower facial contouring surgery is required.


From March of 2003 to April of 2005, 254 women underwent mandible reduction. Of these patients, 39 required correction of chin shape in addition to mandible reduction.


Narrowing the chin and modification of chin shape can be accomplished by narrowing genioplasty with central strip resection. This mid-symphyseal sectioning procedure produces safe and very satisfactory results. This procedure not only augments the narrowing effect by leaving soft tissues attached but also enables modification of chin shape by altering the shape of resection. By applying this procedure, additional modifications of the chin to correct asymmetry or microgenia are possible.


Narrowing genioplasty, either as a single procedure or in combination with mandible reduction, makes the lower face appear slender and produces a more feminine contour.

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