Current Applications and Safety of Autologous Fat Grafts: A Report of the ASPS Fat Graft Task Force

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Task Force Statement:In 2007, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons formed a task force to conduct an assessment regarding the safety and efficacy of autologous fat grafting, specifically to the breast, and to make recommendations for future research. The task force formulated specific issues regarding fat grafting and then compiled them to focus on five broad-based questions:What are the current and potential applications of fat grafting (specifically breast indications, and if data are available, other cosmetic and reconstructive applications)?What risks and complications are associated with fat grafting?How does technique affect outcomes, including safety and efficacy, of fat grafting?What risk factors need to be considered for patient selection at this level of invasiveness?What advancements in bench research/molecular biology potentially impact current or future methods of fat grafting?To answer these questions, the task force reviewed the scientific literature, critically appraised the information available, and developed evidence-based practice recommendations. Although the primary issue of interest was fat grafting to the breast, other aspects of fat grafting were evaluated.

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