Pediatric Chest Wall and Breast Deformities

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Summary:Pediatric chest wall and breast deformities present as a wide spectrum of anomalies, and often occur coincidentally. Chest wall abnormalities fall into two categories, congenital (which are largely hypoplastic) and deformational (including both chest wall malignancies and postoperative abnormalities). Breast abnormalities can be categorized into three groups, including hypoplastic, hyperplastic, and deformational anomalies. Hypoplastic breast anomalies require reconstruction with augmentation techniques and are often associated with significant reoperative rates, as are deformational anomalies; hyperplastic abnormalities require reduction techniques and are less likely to require reoperation. Considerations about surgical correction of pediatric chest wall and breast deformities often require coordinated efforts between pediatric and pediatric plastic surgeons with anticipation of continued growth of the child and careful timing for treatment to maximize functional and aesthetic outcomes.

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