Preoperative Sizing in Breast Augmentation

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Implant size selection in breast augmentation patients is one of many variables to be determined before surgery. Few methods exist today that allow the patient to participate in this process and accurately determine optimal size. The authors describe a simple method of preoperative sizing using silicone implant samples.


A total of 567 patients underwent breast augmentation: 297 had surgery before implementation of preoperative sizing and 270 patients were sized preoperatively. Sizing consisted of fitting the patients with various size silicone implants in a larger bra at least twice before surgery to determine desired size. Surveys were sent to both groups to inquire about overall satisfaction, how many preferred a different size postoperatively, and how many ultimately underwent size change surgery.


One hundred two responses (34.3 percent) were obtained from the control group and 142 (52.6 percent) were obtained from the sized group. Sized patients received smaller implants (average, 276.6 cc nonsized versus 246.4 cc sized; p < 0.001). Four patients (1.4 percent) in the control group underwent a size change procedure compared with none in the sized group. In the sized cohort, 69 percent believe they are the size that the process predicted, 21 percent are smaller, 9 percent are larger, and 1 percent did not answer the question.


Sized patients were more satisfied than controls and fewer were interested in having a different size implant postoperatively. Sized patients indicated that preoperative sizing was both helpful and reasonably accurate in predicting final breast size.

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