The Lipo–Body Lift: A New Circumferential Body-Contouring Technique Useful after Bariatric Surgery

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After bariatric surgery, lifting of the lower body involves a contouring technique used to achieve optimal lower trunk reconstruction. The authors describe an innovative procedure applicable after massive weight loss: the lipo–body lift method. The authors describe their experience with this novel, safe procedure.


Twenty-five abdominal body-contouring reconstructions following massive weight loss were treated by means of circumferential lipo–body lift. The authors describe the indications for the procedure and their perioperative and postoperative management.


The mean patient age was 39.4 years. The mean pre–body lift body mass index was 26.71 kg/m2; the average weight loss before surgery was 56.6 kg, with a mean delta body mass index loss of 20.82 kg/m2. The average hospital stay was 3.52 days and the drainage duration 3.56 days. No patient experienced any major complication (e.g., hematoma, thromboembolism, bleeding, skin necrosis, or a need for revision surgery to treat complications). Minor complications including wound dehiscence, wound infection, and fat necrosis were reported in 40 percent of patients. The occurrence of complications was associated with smoking status (p = 0.0280), the volume of liposuction (p = 0.0399), and the liposuction volume per unit of body mass index (p = 0.0071).


The authors’ novel technique is less invasive than the traditional lower body-lifting method, as shown by the absence of major complications, and allows excellent conservation of connective tissue and vessels; undermining is minimal. As obesity becomes a major problem worldwide, lifting procedures that are safe and effective are important components of reconstructive strategies and should be widely offered to patients who experience massive weight loss.


Therapeutic, IV.

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