Blunt abdominal injury: Simultaneously occurring liver and pancreatic injury in child abuse

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Blunt abdominal injury is a relatively uncommon form of child abuse, but the mortality rate from abdominal injury tends to be much higher than for other forms of abuse.1,2 In fact, abdominal injuries have been reported as second only to traumatic head injuries as a cause of death in abused children.3 Just as abdominal trauma is more dangerous than other forms of child abuse, abdominal trauma from child abuse is often more dangerous than other forms of abdominal injury. Blunt abdominal trauma in children secondary to violent assault has a greater risk for mortality than abdominal trauma from motor vehicle accidents, falls, and bicycle accidents.4Owing to its severity and typically occult nature, blunt abdominal trauma must be considered when treating suspected child abuse. Also, child abuse should be ruled out when a child presents with evidence of blunt abdominal trauma.

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