Dual functioning ovaries and atresia in chickens. Is it a coincidence?

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During the course of a QTL study involving an intercross between White Plymouth Rock chickens and Red Jungle Fowl, certain reproductive anomalies such as atresia and double ovary-oviduct became evident. Observed in reciprocal pedigreed F1 crosses were 2 full-sib pullets with dual functioning ovaries. One also had complete functioning left and right oviducts. The other had asymmetrical reproductive tracts with a typical left oviduct and a rudimentary right oviduct. In addition, there were 3 females with atresia. Although they had different sires and dams, their grandparents were related, and all 5 traced to a common ancestor. Pedigrees, photos, and biological aspects of these conditions are presented and discussed.

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