Low Serum Testosterone/Dihydrotestosterone Patients Ratio in with Pancreatic Carcinoma

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SummarySerum testosterone, its metabolite 5α-dihydrotestosterone, and the testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio were investigated in 22 male patients with proven pancreatic cancer, and compared with values from male patients with chronic pancreatitis (n = 21) and with nonpancreatic gastrointestinal tumors (n = 19). Testosterone and the testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio were significantly lower (p <0.001) in the pancreatic cancer group when they were compared with the other two groups. There was no significant difference in the dihydrotestosterone values between cancer groups. A testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio of less than 5 clearly distinguished most of the patients (20/22) with cancer of the pancreas from those with other tumors or chronic pancreatitis. The results suggest an alteration in the serum androgen profile in these patients. Therefore, the testosterone/dihydrotestosterone ratio could be a useful marker in the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma in male patients.

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