Identification of Immunoreactive Pancreatic Stone Protein in Pancreatic Stone, Pancreatic Tissue, and Pancreatic Juice

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We first examined whether pancreatic stone protein (PSP) was present in pancreatic stone and normal pancreatic tissue. By using HPLC and Western blotting, a protein of Mr 13.5 kDa that reacted with monoclonal antibody against PSP was detected as a major component in EDTA-soluble fractions of pancreatic stone. In an in vitro experiment, this protein dosedependently suppressed CaCO, precipitation. PSP was immunohistochemically stained in the acinar cells of normal pancreatic tissue. Based on these findings, it seemed that PSP in pancreatic stone is probably a physiological secretory protein of the pancreas. We subsequently examined immunoreactive PSP in normal pancreatic juice by the Western blotting method. In all of the specimens, the band for immunoreactive PSP in pancreatic juice was found to correspond to 13.5 kDa, which thus agreed with that of purified PSP from a stone.

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