Matrix Metalloproteinase-2 in Pancreatic Juice for Diagnosis of Pancreatic Cancer

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IntroductionMatrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) has an activity to degrade type IV collagen and is associated with invasion angiogenesis of malignant tumor.AimA diagnostic value of MMP-2 in pancreatic juice was studied in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.MethodologyUsing gelatin zymography, active MMP-2 and proMMP-2 were determined in pancreatic juice obtained endoscopically from 12 patients with pancreatic cancer, 11 with chronic pancreatitis, and 7 control subjects.ResultsProMMP-2 was detected in 12 of 12 patients (100%) with pancreatic cancer, 6 of 11 (54.5%) with chronic pancreatitis, and 3 of 7 (42.9%) controls. Active MMP-2 was detected in 11 patients (91.6%) with pancreatic cancer, 2 (18.2%) with chronic pancreatitis, and none of the control subjects. An activation ratio of MMP-2 (active MMP-2/total MMP-2) in pancreatic juice is significantly higher in pancreatic cancer (23.4 ± 4.4%, mean ± SE) than in chronic pancreatitis (2.1 ± 1.7%) and controls (0%) (p < 0.01). Active MMP-2 was also detected in pancreatic juice from three cases of small pancreatic cancer (tumor <2 cm in diameter).ConclusionOur observation suggests that detection of active MMP-2 in pancreatic juice using gelatin zymography may be useful for the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.

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