Asian-Oceanic Pancreatic Association: Conception to Actuality

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The Asian-Oceanic Pancreatic Association (AOPA) was organized on July 22, 2005 with the purpose of promoting communication, scholarship, and scientific collaboration, as well as the exchange of knowledge in both basic and clinical research and education in Asian and Oceanic countries. The society will host biennial scientific meetings during the Asian Pacific Digestive Week (APDW) and members consist of individuals rather than regional societies. Given the diversity of its members, English was selected as the common language of communication to facilitate the exchange of ideas. The first AOPA symposium, which aimed to describe the pancreatology in various regions, was held in conjunction with the 60th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society of Gastroenterological Surgery (JSGS). The second scientific meeting will be held during APDW 2007.

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