Occurrence of and Risk Factors for Diabetes Mellitus in Chinese Patients With Chronic Pancreatitis

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The aim of the study was to determine the occurrence and the risk factors of diabetes mellitus (DM) in Chinese patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP), with particular emphasis on those with endoscopic or surgical therapy for CP.


Four hundred forty-five contacted CP patients in our hospital between January 1, 1997, and July 31, 2007, were followed up. Risk factors for DM were determined in a multivariate analysis after exclusion of 58 patients.


The cumulative rate of DM was 51.5% (SD, 8%) at 20 years after the onset of CP and 27.8% (SD, 6%) at 10 years after endotherapy or surgery, without significant difference between the 2 therapies (P = 0.243). The age at the onset of CP (hazard ratio, 1.032; 95% confidential interval, 1.012-1.052), smoking (2.859, 1.448-5.645), chronic pain (0.412, 0.180-0.945), and pancreatic calcifications (2.326, 1.203-4.496) were identified as independent risk factors for developing DM in the patients before any invasive therapy. Smoking (2.203, 1.153-4.209) and distal pancreatectomy (5.412, 2.506-11.690) were the independent risk factors for DM development in patients after invasive therapy.


The risk of DM seems to be mainly caused by progression of CP because it increased with older age, absence of chronic pain, and pancreatic calcifications, whereas this risk is influenced by smoking and distal pancreatectomy.

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