Hypertriglyceridemia is a Risk Factor for Acute Kidney Injury in the Early Phase of Acute Pancreatitis

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The aim of this study was to investigate the risk factors for acute kidney injury (AKI) in patients with acute pancreatitis (AP).


Patients with AP were retrospectively divided into AKI group and non-AKI group. To investigate the risk factors for AKI, logistic regression analysis was performed with demography, etiologies, and comorbidities. Mortalities of patients with different body mass indexes were compared.


There were 43 patients with AKI and 202 patients without AKI. The risk factor for AKI in AP was hypertriglyceridemia (odds ratio, 2.964; 95% confidence interval, 1.485–5.915; P = 0.007). Forty-two patients developed AKI within the first 48 hours. The mortalities of normal weight, overweight, and obese groups in patients with AKI were 16.7%, 17.4%, and 62.5%, respectively. All the 4 patients who died in the non-AKI group were of normal weight.


Hypertriglyceridemia is an independent risk factor for AKI in the early phase of AP. Obesity does not increase mortality of patients without AKI. We hypothesize that the role of pancreatic enzymes on triglyceride accumulated in renal may be an explanation for AKI in the early phase of AP.

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