The Application of Tensegrity Massage in a Professionally Active Musician – Case Report

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Purpose:The purpose of our study was to present options for the application of tensegrity massage to manage pain caused by the overload of soft tissues in musicians.Design:Tensegrity massage was applied to a 34-year-old male violinist.Methods:The methodology included a correct positioning and tensegrity massage with individually designed procedure.Findings:After therapy, the patient achieved complete pain relief, and relaxation of muscles in the shoulder girdle and free part of the upper arm. The analgesic effect lasted for 6 months after the end of therapy.Conclusions:Massage is an effective method in eliminating pain caused by the overload of soft tissues. If used regularly before physical effort, it can prevent muscle overload.Clinical Relevance:The presented massage procedure is an effective therapy in pain caused by the overload of soft tissues in musicians and it can be one of the elements of complex physiotherapy in active musicians.

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