Microlumbar Discectomy: A Conservative Surgical Approach To The Virgin Herniated Lumbar Disc

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Microlumbar discectomy is an extremely conservative microsurgical procedure for the treatment of the virgin herniated lumbar disc. The technique has been utilized in 530 patients over a 5½-year period, and features no laminectomy or curettement of the disc space. Preservation of extradural fat and blunt perforation of the annulus fibrosus, rather than scalpel incision, appear to minimize reherniations and adhesion reactions. Operating time has averaged 37 minutes and postoperative stay 3.1 days during the past 36 months (46% of these were compensation cases). In this series, a satisfactory result is defined as those patients who remain economically productive and physically comfortable at the time of followup. Satisfactory results were achieved in 91% of patients after one procedure.

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