Scheuermann's Kyphosis— Long-Term Results of Milwaukee Brace Treatment

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A review of 203 patients with Scheuermann's kyphosis is presented. The modified Milwaukee brace was used in 62 patients. Thirty-nine patients wore the brace for an average of 18 months. The pretreatment kyphosis averaged 62°, and the curve at the completion of brace treatment averaged 41°. Follow-up of more than 18 months after brace wear showed an average 15° loss of correction. Wedging of the vertebral bodies improved from 7.9° to 6.8° with brace treatment. To provide permanent correction, vertebral wedging must improve to approximately 5°. Most patients will require full-time brace wear of longer than 18 months to effect this improvement in vertebral wedging. The brace can improve kyphotic curves greater than 75°.

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