Spinal Sagittal Configuration and Mobility Related to Low-Back Pain in the Female Gymnast

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The purpose of this study was to correlate low-back complaints In 64 female gymnasts (mean age, 12 years) to spinal sagittal configuration and mobility as measured by two nonlnvasive methods. Measurements by Debrunner's kyphometer and Myrln's inclinometer were highly correlated. Average thoracic kyphosis was 32°, lumbar lordosis 35°. The mean range of sagittal motion was 57° In the thoracic spine and 113° in the lumbar spine. On average, 1° of the total sagittal lumbar mobility was lost for every 1° of increased lordosis. Low-back pain (LBP) was reported by 20% of the girls, and these girls had a significantly larger lordosis (41°) than girls with no history of LBP (35°).

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