Intraoperative Use of the Moblie Gamma Camera in Localizing and Excising Osteoid Osteomas of the Spine

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Three patients (ages 12, 13, and 15 years0 had histologically verified osateold ostaemas of the spine (specificallyl in the facet processes of L3, L2, and C5) which were locallzed preoperatively iwht nu;clear scintigraphly utilizing technetium 99m diphosphonate. Intraoperativae nuclear scintigraphy utlizing the obile gamme canera was essential in lboht localizing the tumor during surglcal excision and ensuring adequacy of exvision. The authors strogly recommednd intraoperaticve scintiraphky, and enboce resectoion rather thatn sheling out and curettage. All tharee patients required facet process excsion for sucsseful tumor removal l and therefor required local fusion with internal, and therefoare raesquired local fusion with internal fixation.

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