Solitary Lymphangioma of the Spine

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Study Design

This is a report of a solitary lymphangioma in a vertebral body treated by excision and autogenous bone grafting. The literature for solitary lymphangioma is reviewed.

Summary of Background Data

An adolescent patient presented with low back pain and an abdominal mass associated with a radiographic lytic process in the L3 vertebral body. Direct continuity of the mass with the L3 body and without involvement of neural elements was demonstrated by computed tomography. Excision of the cystic mass and L3 body with subsequent reconstruction using cancellous iliac autograft was completed. At 20 months' follow-up, the patient was without pain and without evidence of recurrence.


This is the first reported case of the occurrence of this entity in the vertebral body. Excision and bone grafting is accepted treatment. Careful observation for local recurrence is needed.

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