Intramedullary Tuberculous Abscess: A Case Report

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Study Design

This case report shows an intramedullary thoracic spinal cord abscess secondary to Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a 7-year-old boy with chronic progressive paraparesis and hypesthesia below T10.


The treatment of this patient involved drainage of pus followed by appropriate chemotherapy.

Summary of Background Data

Abscess and tuberculomas of the spinal cord are rare entities. They are indistinguishable from neoplasms. The possibility of tubercular abscess or granuloma should be kept in mind when an intraspinal mass is found, provided that the clinical history is unusual for tumor.


A left T7-T8 hemilaminectomy was performed. A quantity of pus was drained through a small myelotomy. A small specimen was taken, and antituberculosis treatment was given after surgery.


Excellent clinical outcome was obtained with a combination of medical and surgical management.


The treatment of intramedullary abscess consists of surgical evacuation of the pus. Appropriate treatment offers a favorable prognosis even in cases with severe deficits.

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