Lymphangioma Presenting as a Dumbbell Tumor in the Epidural Space of the Lumbar Spine

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Study Design.

A case report.


To report and discuss a case of lymphangioma presenting as a dumbbell-shaped tumor in the epidural space of the lumbar spine.

Summary of Background Data.

Dumbbell tumor of the spine is not uncommon. Although the pathogenesis of such tumors varies widely, lymphangioma has not been reported previously, to these authors' knowledge.


A 56-year-old woman with pain in the lower back and left leg was examined by plain radiographs and magnetic resonance imaging before surgery. Treatment consisted of the usual technique of surgical resection of the tumor. Histopathologic study of the resected material confirmed the diagnosis. Postoperative follow-up assessment was performed by magnetic resonance imaging.


Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated a dumbbell tumor in the epidural canal area of the lumbar spine. Histopathologic diagnosis of the resected tumor was cavernous lymphangioma.


To the authors' knowledge, this is the first reported case of lymphangioma presenting as a spinal dumbbell tumor. Further observation is recommended because of the possibility of local recurrence.

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