Instrumentation and Fusion for Congenital Spine Deformities

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Study Design.A retrospective clinical review.Objective.To review the use of modern instrumentation of the spine for congenital spinal deformities.Summary of Background Data.Spinal instrumentation has evolved since the advent of the Harrington rod. There is a paucity of literature, which discusses the use of modern spinal instrumentation in congenital spine deformity cases. This review focuses on modern instrumentation techniques for congenital scoliosis and kyphosis.Methods.A systematic review was performed of the literature to discuss spinal implant use for congenital deformities.Results.Spinal instrumentation may be safely and effectively used in cases of congenital spinal deformity.Conclusion.Spinal surgeons taking care of children with congenital spine deformities need to be trained in all aspects of modern spinal instrumentation.

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