An Acute Cervical Epidural Hematoma as a Complication of Dry Needling

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Study Design.A retrospective case report.Objective.The objective of this article is to report an unusual complication of dry needling.Summary of Background Data.Epidural hematomas after dry needling are quite unusual and only a few cases of epidural hematoma after acupuncture have been reported in the literature. We are presenting the first report of acute cervical epidural hematoma after dry needling.Methods.A 58-year-old woman presented with quadriparesis and neck pain. Magnetic resonance imaging of the spine revealed a hyperintense mass in the T2-weighted magnetic resonance image at the C2-T2 level, which proved to be an epidural hematoma.Results.Symptoms related to the epidural hematoma resolved after decompression.Conclusion.Though rare, epidural hematomas are a possible complication when applying needling therapies. Therapists need to have precise knowledge of human anatomy, especially in the region where he or she will puncture. Continuous attention must be paid throughout the whole procedure.

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