Effects of Eurocollins Solution as Aortic Flush for the Procurement of Human Pancreas

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Belzer solution is considered to be the best preservation media used for pancreas transplantation; however, its high cost accounts for approximately 14.5% of all resources allocated by the Brazilian government toward each pancreatic transplant. The objective of the present study was to test a reduction of Belzer solution during pancreas harvest, thereby lowering procedural cost.


The patients received pancreas-kidney transplantations during the period from January 2003 to August 2004. Patients were divided into two groups. Patients assigned to Group A (n=30) received only Belzer solution (2 L through the aorta artery), whereas patients in Group B (n=16) were perfused first with 1 L of Eurocollins solution followed by 1 L of Belzer solution. The two groups were assessed for differences in the following clinical parameters: the need for insulin replacement or antifungal and anticytomegalovirus treatment, pancreatitis, acute cellular rejection, graft vascular thrombosis, fistulas, intra-abdominal collection, graft loss, deaths, pancreatic ischemia time, and average hospitalization time.


No statistically significant differences were observed in any of the parameters analyzed (P<0.05). The use of Eurocollins solution, followed by Belzer solution during pancreas harvesting, did not result in differences in graft survival or functionality, postsurgical complications, or patient survival and hospitalization time, when compared to the use of Belzer solution alone.


Perfusion with 1 L of Eurocollins solution followed by 1 L of Belzer solution during pancreas harvesting seems to be a simple and efficient alternative for reducing the costs of the harvesting process.

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