Selective Approach for Venous Drainage in Right Iliac Vein and Cava Vein for Combined Pancreas-Kidney Transplantation

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In this paper, the authors evaluate if the use of a venous drainage system in the cava vein (instead of the external iliac vein) presents differences in pancreatic transplantation. Between December 2000 and 2004, 105 pancreas-kidney transplants were performed. Patients in group A (n=49) underwent complete liberation of the right iliac vein for venous drainage. In group B (n=56), the venous drainage system was placed in the cava vein or in the confluence. Analyzed clinical parameters included: insulin replacement, vascular thrombosis in the graft, intraabdominal collections, graft loss, reoperation, and deaths. When compared to the external iliac vein, venous drainage to the cava vein did not result in significant differences. Venous drainage to the cava vein is a valuable alternative when the right iliac fossa has been previously approached. It is a practical, rapid procedure and it is not necessary to expose the internal iliac vein.

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