Gentle endodiathermy of retinal vessels to mark paravascular posterior retinal breaks in highly myopic eyes

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To show a new method to highlight posterior paravascular retinal breaks, responsible for posterior retinal detachment in highly myopic eyes, by gentle endodiathermy on the nearby retinal vessel, in areas of patchy chorioretinal atrophy.


A standard 25-gauge (25-G) 3-port pars plana vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane (ILM) peeling was performed. A gentle endodiathermy was applied on the vessel close to the retinal break until a clear withe spot became visible. This spot was used as a landmark to identify the retinal break after fluid-air exchange.


The retina was attached after a single operation and no retinal redetachment was reported. A complete blood flow restoration in the treated vessel was documented with fluorescein angiography after 5 days.


This simple technique may help the vitreoretinal surgeon to identify paravascular retinal breaks after fluid-air exchange. No damage to the retinal vessels undergoing endodiathermy was observed.

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