Spontaneous regression of transplacental metastases from maternal melanoma in a newborn: case report and review of the literature

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We describe a rare case of transplacental-transmitted maternal melanoma to the placenta and foetus during the second pregnancy of a 28-year-old woman. She was aware of a greyish–brown nodular lesion on the right gluteus during her first pregnancy. On histological examination, this lesion resulted to be an amelanocitic melanoma. Breast metastases occurred during her second pregnancy, 18 months after the surgical excision; an emergency Caesarean section performed for the recrudement of her clinical conditions confirmed widespread metastases to the liver, spleen and peritoneum. The patient died 2 weeks after delivery. The newborn, at 3 months of age, presented metastases secondary to maternal melanoma, which were resistant to chemotherapy. The disease regressed spontaneously and the child is now 24 months, alive in complete remission.

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