Teratomas in childhood

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Teratomas are embryonal neoplasms consisting of tissues from at least two of the three germ layers. Teratomas can occur in almost any region of the body and in any organ, but they are most commonly observed in the paraxial and midline locations. Excluding teratomas of the testes, 75% to 80% of teratomas occur in females. Approximately 80% are benign and 20% are malignant. The presenting location of teratomas correlates with patient age. Teratomas occurring in infancy and early childhood are usually extragonadal, whereas older children predominantly present with gonadal teratomas. The most common site of occurrence in neonates is in the sacrococcygeal and presacral region. Prognosis depends on patient's age, the resectability of the tumor, and the presence of metastases or metastatic potential.

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