Diaper dermatitis and advances in diaper technology

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During the last decade, a number of technological innovations in disposable diaper designs and materials have aimed at reducing dermatological problems in the diaper area. The introduction of absorbent gelling materials led to a decrease in skin overhydration and made possible a more beneficial pH in the diaper area. A retrospective evaluation of clinical studies conducted before and after the introduction of absorbent gelling materials confirms that utilization of these materials has been associated with a marked reduction in the severity of diaper dermatitis. More recently, a novel diaper designed to deliver dermatological formulations to the skin also appears to improve the condition of diapered skin. Disposable wipes now are available that are nonirritating and suitable for use on damaged or broken skin. Ongoing innovative efforts in this area promise to further decrease the prevalence of diaper-associated dermatologic conditions.

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