Piezosurgery: Basics and Possibilities

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Useful in a variety of oral surgery procedures, piezosurgery has therapeutic features that include a micrometric cut (precise and secure action to limit tissue damage, especially to osteocytes), a selective cut (affecting mineralized tissues, but not surrounding soft tissues), and a clear surgical site (the result of the cavitation effect created by an irrigation/cooling solution and oscillating tip). Because the instrument's tip vibrates at different ultrasonic frequencies, since hard and soft tissues are cut at different frequencies, a “selective cut” enables the clinician to cut hard tissues while sparing fine anatomical structures (e.g., schneiderian membrane, nerve tissue). An oscillating tip drives the cooling-irrigation fluid, making it possible to obtain effective cooling as well as higher visibility (via cavitation effect) compared to conventional surgical instruments (rotating burs and oscillating saws), even in deep spaces. As a result, implantology surgical techniques such as bone harvesting (chips and blocks), crestal bone splitting, and sinus floor elevation can be performed with greater ease and safety.

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