Surgical Treatment of Neglected Bilateral Hemophilic Equinus Contracture With External Fixation: A Case Report

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Hemophilia is a disorder of blood coagulation with X-linked recessive inheritance. It is characterized by uncontrollable hemorrhage, and 80% of these occur intraarticularly. With recurrent hemarthrosis, recurrent synovitis occurs, which eventually leads to the formation of articular contractures. The key to the prevention of hemophilic joint complications is successful prevention of bleeding and management of the initial hemarthrosis. However, after the development of a rigid contracture, surgical correction remains the only method to correct the deformity. Achilles tendon lengthening, synovectomy, anterior osteophyte resection, corrective osteotomies, external fixators, or arthrodesis should be considered as surgical options. In the present report, we describe our experience using hybrid-type external fixators to manage bilateral neglected rigid equinus contractures in a hemophilic patient, with 78 months of follow-up data.

Level of Clinical Evidence: 4

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