Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Brain Gliomas: Experience From Culturally and Geographically Distinct Kashmir Valley

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Kashmir valley is distinct from rest of India geographically. It has a different climate with people having different social and dietary habits. Cancer pattern in Kashmir is different from rest of India with gastric, esophageal, and skin cancer having a higher prevalence in the valley. No comprehensive study on brain tumors prevalent in the valley is available. To study the pattern of brain tumors, a 3-year retrospective analysis of gliomas was carried out, which are the commonest brain tumors in this population. One hundred and forty gliomas were seen, of which 56 were low grade and 84 were high grade. The clinicopathologic spectrum of gliomas with their outcome was analyzed and it was noted that the spectrum is not different from that reported from rest of India with malignant gliomas as more common and glioblastoma as the commonest tumor accounting for 35% of total gliomas. Among low-grade tumors fibrillary astrocytoma (World Health Organization grade II) accounted for most cases (16.7%). Other tumor types such as oligodendroglioma, oligoastrocytoma, and ependymoma showed a pattern comparable with those occurring in other regions. Radiologic features of gliomas with their outcome were also studied and on analysis these parameters were not different from those reported elsewhere.

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