High injury incidence in TeamGym competition: a prospective cohort study

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TeamGym is a relative new form of gymnastics originating from Scandinavia. Little is known regarding injury incidence and injury types. The aim of this study was to examine the injury pattern and incidence in Norwegian TeamGym competition. The study is a prospective cohort, with one 10-month season [17 competitions,n=8418 athlete-exposures (A-Es), a total of 1134 h of exposure]. Injury pattern, incidence and exposure during competition were collected using an injury registration form. During the competitions, 115 injuries were reported including 49 (43%) acute injuries, 58 (50%) exacerbations and eight (7%) re-injuries. The injury incidence was 50.3/1000 h or 6.8/1000 A-Es. Ankle injuries accounted for 25.6/1000 h. A total number of 30 time-loss injuries were found, giving 27 injuries per 1000 h. The high proportion of exacerbations shows that the gymnasts competed even if they had not recovered fully from previous overuse or acute injuries. A higher injury rate was observed in competition than during the pre-competition apparatus warm-up. Eighty-four per cent of the injuries occurred in the landing phase of the gymnastic skill. No sex differences were observed. The injury rate in Norwegian TeamGym competition is high, in particular for ankle injuries.

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