Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies in the Abdomen and Pelvis

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Ultrasound-guided biopsies in the abdomen and pelvis are generally more effective, safer, faster, and cheaper than those performed under computed tomography guidance. This manuscript will discuss multiple aspects of sonographic biopsies performed between the diaphragm and the symphysis pubis. We begin with systems issues, patient preparation (including bleeding profile and anticoagulant use), pain management, and infection precautions. The procedure itself is then analyzed, including needle guidance, the role of the sonographer, image optimization, patient positioning, core- versus fine-needle aspiration, coaxial versus individual pass, needle technique, and postprocedure management. Issues specific to different sites are then discussed: liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney, adrenal, bowel, retroperitoneum and mesentery, and the pelvis. We finish with a discussion of complications, future trends, and a brief summary.

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