The prognosis of migraine

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Purpose of the reviewThe prognosis of migraine is poorly studied and research in this regard is in its infancy. Migraine is a chronic disorder with episodic attacks with a highly variable long-term prognosis. In many, migraine may have a very benign (complete remission) or relatively benign (partial remission) prognosis. In some, migraine persists and in others, it progresses.Recent findingsA recent population study showed that, over a 1-year period, 84% of the patients with migraine persisted with this diagnosis (migraine persistence); around 10% had 1-year complete clinical remission, and 3% had partial remission; the other 3% developed chronic migraine. Long-term studies support the concept that remission increases with age and also that risk factors for progression have been identified (e.g. medication overuse, obesity, etc.).SummaryIdentifying predictors of migraine prognosis is, therefore, of great scientific and clinical interest. Herein we review the prognosis of migraine and risk factors for the above-mentioned nonexclusive possibilities.

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