Cauda Equina Syndrome in Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Case Report and Incidence in Jutland, Denmark

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Background:Cauda equina syndrome in spinal stenosis is a rare complication. During a 5-year period (1996–2000), 340 cases of spinal stenosis were diagnosed in the County of South Jutland, Denmark. The annual incidence of spinal stenosis was 272 per million inhabitants. During that period, only one patient with acute cauda equina syndrome in spinal stenosis was diagnosed: that is, the patient described herein.Methods and Results:A 74-year-old woman appeared with urinary retention and fecal incontinence for the previous 24 hours. Computed tomography scan showed spinal stenosis from L2 to L4. She underwent an urgent operation and recovered within 5 days from her anal sphincter paresis and within 5 weeks from her bladder paresis.

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