Intracranial Malignancies Occurring More Than 20 Years After Radiation Therapy for Pituitary Adenoma

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A 37-year-old woman developed a left third cranial nerve palsy 28 years after radiation for a nonsecreting pituitary adenoma. Imaging disclosed a left parasellar mass and a midbrain/pontine signal abnormality. Biopsy of the parasellar mass revealed a malignant sarcoma. The brainstem abnormality was presumptively diagnosed as a malignant glioma. A 63-year-old man developed a malignant astrocytoma of the left optic nerve and chiasm 23 years after partial excision and radiation of a nonsecreting pituitary adenoma. Both patients died of their malignancies. Although secondary malignancies have been described in this setting, such long latencies have not been reported.

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