Repeat sizes at CAG/CTG loci CTG18.1, ERDA1 and TGC13-7a in schizophrenia

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A number of studies using the repeat expansion detection (RED) technique have suggested an association between unknown large CAG/CTG repeats and schizophrenia. The polymorphic CAG/CTG repeat lociCTG18.1andERDA1have been reported to account for a high proportion (∼ 90%) of the large repeats detected by RED and may therefore be responsible for the cited association. The recently described locusTGC13-7acontains a highly polymorphic CTA/TAG and CAG/CTG composite repeat, and is thus another authentic candidate. In the present investigation, each locus was analysed for association with schizophrenia in a sample of 206 patients and 219 group-matched controls. No evidence for association ofCTG18.1, ERDA1and/orTGC13-7awith schizophrenia was found. The combined data accounted for only 54% of the CAG/CTG arrays of > 40 repeats found in our previous RED analysis.

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