Long-Term Epilation Using the EpiLight Broad Band, Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal System

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BACKGROUND.The long-term epilation of hair is the goal of several lasers and intense pulsed light systems.OBJECTIVE.The purpose of the study is to use the EpiLight Hair Removal System to assess long-term epilation and to assess its safety profile following a single treatment session.METHODS.Patients received a single treatment with the Epilight Hair Removal System after entering the patient's skin type, skin color, hair color, and hair density into the system's computer software. Treatment parameters include various wavelengths of light, pulse duration, pulse delay, and energy fluence. Thirtyseven subjects received a single treatment using one of four cut-off filters consisting of two to five pulses with energies of 34–55 J/cm2.RESULTS.The results of a single treatment show hair clearances occurring immediately and over a 12-week study period. Approximately 60% hair removal was noted at 12 weeks.conclusions.The EpiLight Hair Removal System is an effective and safe method for long-term epilation of unwanted hair.

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