The Surgical Treatment of Traumatic Hematoma of the Auricle

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The auricular hematoma occurs secondary to trauma and can present a therapeutic dilemma for clinicians. Early intervention can be limited to simple incision and drainage. Delay in treatment may allow the growth of ectopic fibroneocartilage derived from the damaged perichondrium. Removal of this abnormal tissue is imperative to avoid permanent ear deformity.


Surgical intervention was utilized to treat auricular hematomas in two teenage boys.


The auricular hematomas were treated by raising a cutaneous flap over the injury site. The clot and serosanguinous fluid were drained and, because the injuries were 1 month old, the developing plate of fibroneocartilage and associated perichondrium was extirpated. The exposed cartilage was fenestrated prior to repairing the cutaneous flap.


Both auricles healed without evidence of fibrosis or distortion.


Appropriate surgical intervention can avoid the cosmetic deformity associated with an auricular hematoma (ie, cauliflower ear).

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