Liposuction Surgery for the Treatment of Large Hematomas on the Leg

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Background.Post-traumatic hematomas overlying the muscular fascia on the lateral aspect of the leg are common in elderly patients, particularly those receiving oral anticoagulant therapy. When large collections of blood accumulate within this region, the pressure within the hematomas may exceed the blood pressure in the dermal and subdermal vessels. Large areas of necrosis of the overlying skin may then result.Objective.To decrease the pressure of evolving and long-standing hematomas, thereby reducing inflammation and pain.Methods.Liposuction surgery was employed as a means of decompressing both evolving and long-standing hematomas.Results.Liposuction surgery has been found to be useful in the treatment of hematomas on the leg, and has the added benefit of producing cosmetically elegant results. An elastic compression bandage placed postoperatively reduces the risk of relapse.Conclusion.Liposuction surgery may be used to remove large leg hematomas without producing long and cosmetically unacceptable scars. The technique is easy to perform and permits rapid evacuation of hematomas, thereby minimizing patient discomfort.

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