Six-Year Experience Using 1,000-Centistoke Silicone Oil in 916 Patients for Soft-Tissue Augmentation in a Private Practice Setting

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There are no previously published reports focusing exclusively on the use of 1,000-centistoke purified polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS-1000) for cosmetic soft-tissue augmentation.


To provide clinical experience with its cosmetic use, solely and in conjunction with other nonpermanent fillers, in a private practice setting.


A retrospective chart review was conducted for patients treated by the author over 6 years, beginning in 2003. Treatments were tabulated according to facial region and arbitrarily designated as rhytides, acne scars, lips, infraorbital, nasolabial, and general contour. Therefore, up to six treatments were possible with any visit. Concomitant treatment with nonpermanent fillers, as well as any significant adverse events, was noted as well.


Nine hundred sixteen patients were treated (816 (89%) female, 100 (11%) male). There were 5,246 treatments over 3,307 visits, with an average of 3.5 visits per patient and 1.6 treatments per visit. Adverse events were limited to overcorrection in 11 patients (1%). Of the 916 patients, 257 (28%) were also treated with other (nonpermanent) fillers without incident.


Over the 6-year period, PDMS-1000 was found to be effective and safe in the cosmetic practice setting. Other (nonpermanent) fillers were also used without incident.


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