A case report of cecal plasmablastic lymphoma in a HIV-negative patient

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Plasmablastic lymphoma (PBL) is a unique type of diffuse proliferation of large neoplastic lymphoid cells most of which resemble B immunoblasts, but all tumor cells show the immunophenotype of plasma cells. It has a strong predilection for jaw and oral cavity in HIV-positive patients. Incidences of extraoral location of this tumor is increasingly being recognized especially in HIV-negative patients for example, stomach, jejunum, omentum, anorectum, lungs, testes, soft tissues, lymph nodes, bone marrow, skin, and central nervous system. We present a case of PBL found in cecum in an HIV-negative patient. It was accompanied by lung and lymph node involvement and presented as abdominal mass. This is only the second reported case of PBL originating in cecum.

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