The Effect of 6 Weeks of Custom-molded Foot Orthosis Intervention on Postural Stability in Participants With ≥7 Degrees of Forefoot Varus

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ObjectivePostural stability (PS) was assessed in a group of participants with ≥7 degrees of forefoot varus (FV) after 6 weeks of custom-molded functional foot orthosis (FO) intervention to investigate the effect of FO intervention in a population that may have decreased PS due to their foot structure.DesignA force platform was used to assess right and left single-limb stance position and eyes open and eyes closed condition PS.SettingPS was assessed in a biomechanics research laboratory.ParticipantsTwelve participants with ≥7 degrees of FV (MFV) and 5 participants with <7 degrees of FV (LFV) participated in the study.InterventionsPS of the MFV group was assessed initially when FOs were received and after 6 weeks of FO intervention. The LFV group PS was assessed during initial and 6-week testing sessions.Main Outcome MeasuresThe root mean square of the center of pressure velocity was used to quantify single-limb stance PS during no FO and FO conditions.ResultsLFV group PS did not change significantly (P=0.829) over the 6-week time period. Significant improvement was, however, reported in the MFV group anteroposterior (P=0.003) and mediolateral (P=0.032) PS at the 6-week assessment versus the initial assessment during both the noFO and FO conditions.ConclusionsSix weeks of FO intervention may significantly improve PS in participants with ≥7 degrees of FV both when wearing FOs and when not wearing FOs.

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