Occupational Sunlight Exposure and Mortality From Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Among Electric Utility Workers

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Thiscase-control study examined occupational sunlight exposure and death fromnon-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) and NHL subtypes among 188 cases and 1880 controlsselected from a cohort of 138,905 male electric utility workers. Exposure wasclassified according to work history linked to indices of cumulative sunlightexposure. Odds ratios and 95% confidence intervals were derived fromconditional logistic regression models and were conditioned on the matchingfactors birth year and ethnicity. Mortality from NHL andintermediate/high-grade lymphomas was not related to cumulative sunlightexposure, with odds ratios around the null. For low-grade lymphomas, adose-response gradient was observed for exposure in the past 12 to 21 years,but this result seemed to be sensitive to cut points for categorization ofcumulative exposure. These data do not provide evidence for an associationbetween occupational sunlight exposure and mortality from NHL or NHLsubtypes.

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