A Review and Analysis of the Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness Studies of Comprehensive Health Promotion and Disease Management Programs at the Worksite: Update VII 2004–2008

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Objective:To conduct the seventh periodic review and analysis of the clinical and cost-effectiveness research conducted in worksite/corporate environments between 2004 and 2008.Methods:A literature search of US-based research was conducted using a multistage process including MEDLINE, ADI, EDGAR, CARL, Inform, Lexis-Nexis, as well as direct inquiries to key researchers in this area of expertise.Results:From 2004 to 2008, there were 16 new studies that met the Inclusion/Exclusion criteria. These studies are critiqued and entered into a data table consisting of 13 variables and citations of the 16 new studies.Conclusions:Clinical and cost-effectiveness research in the worksite/corporate environment continues to evolve although there was only one randomized clinical trial conducted during the most recent interval. There are innovations in pilot studies, quasi-experimental methodologies, and econometric modeling as indicative of future trends.

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