Screening for Sleep Disordered Breathing Among Applicants for a Professional Driver's License

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Individuals with sleep disordered breathing (SDB) are at high risk for falling asleep while driving. The aim of this study was to identify variables that would predict SDB among healthy young applicants for a professional driver's license.


A total of 301 applicants for a driver's license completed self-administered questionnaires. Sleep was recorded for one night with the Watch peripheral arterial tone–100. To identify possible predictors of SDB (Respiratory Disturbance Index >15), we employed new statistical methods.


The following items were identified as significant predictors of SDB: body mass index, age, Mini Sleep Questionnaire, smoking, father snoring, afternoon nap-taking, and falling asleep while traveling as a passenger. Moderate or severe SDB was prevalent in at least 25% of the applicants.


New statistical methods revealed that a combination of questions related to sleep habits, complaints, and demographic data predicted most of the clinically significant SDB.

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