The Association of Workplace Social Capital With Work Engagement of Employees in Health Care Settings: A Multilevel Cross-Sectional Analysis

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Objective:The aim of the study was to examine the cross-sectional multilevel association between unit-level workplace social capital and individual-level work engagement among employees in health care settings.Methods:The data were collected from employees of a Japanese health care corporation using a questionnaire. The analyses were limited to 440 respondents from 35 units comprising five or more respondents per unit. Unit-level workplace social capital was calculated as an average score of the Workplace Social Capital Scale for each unit. Multilevel regression analysis with a random intercept model was conducted.Results:After adjusting for demographic variables, unit-level workplace social capital was significantly and positively associated with respondents’ work engagement (P < 0.001). The association remained significant after additionally adjusting for individual-level perceptions of workplace social capital (P < 0.001).Conclusions:Workplace social capital might exert a positive contextual effect on work engagement of employees in health care settings.

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