RESPeRATE: Nonpharmacological Treatment of Hypertension

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Systemic hypertension has been well documented as a major risk factor for premature cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. Reduction of high blood pressure (BP) by nonpharmacological means is widely recommended, either as a primary prevention therapy or as an adjunctive treatment with antihypertensive drugs. RESPeRATE is a commercially available electronic device that presents a novel nonpharmacological approach to the treatment of hypertension. RESPeRATE-guided slow-paced breathing aimed at achieving a respiratory frequency of <10 breaths per minute has been shown, in multiple studies, to reduce BP in hypertensive individuals by improving the autonomic balance through respiratory control. This article discusses RESPeRATE and the scientific evidence that supports the use of device-guided slow breathing to reduce BP.

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