Surgical management of posteriorly dislocated silicone plate intraocular lenses

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Silicone plate intraocular lenses do not adhere to the lens capsule and are placed under tension by postoperative contraction of the capsular bag. Recent reports suggest that a defect anywhere in the capsular bag can potentially lead to delayed posterior dislocation of silicone plate intraocular lenses. These implants are more difficult to grasp and manipulate inside the eye than traditional polymethylmethacrylate lenses and therefore, require special microsurgical techniques. Given sufficient anterior capsular support, posteriorly dislocated silicone plate implants can be repositioned in the ciliary sulcus and do not necessarily require intraocular lens exchange. With proper vitreoretinal surgical techniques, posteriorly dislocated silicone plate intraocular lenses can be repositioned or exchanged with excellent visual results and an acceptably low complication rate.

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